The first tomatoes we harvested this year...along with a pile of fresh basil, some diminutive limes, and mint

Well, we’re back in business (so to speak–we never actually stopped being in business!). Because of the weather here while we were gone, we managed not to miss out on too much harvest excitement… Along with everyone else’s, our tomatoes are just starting to ripen.

We had a great time this weekend with our booth at the Muddy Boot Organic Festival, and we have some cool events coming up. Independence Gardens is offering fall gardening classes at the Urban Farm Store (2100 SE Belmont St.) at 6:30 pm on 9/13, 9/21, 9/23, and 9/28.

The topics we’ll cover: Fall Planting for Your Winter Garden (same class on the first two dates) and Putting Your Garden to Bed for the Winter (same class on the second two dates).

Please visit our Classes page to read about what we offer; you can see the complete list of all the classes we offer here, and we ask that you pre-register if you plan to attend, which you can do here. Happy harvesting, and we hope to see you soon!