It’s a beautiful day. The sun in shining…it’s warmer than one might expect…and it’s easy to believe that the exceptional generosity and abundance of the world is felt by all.

Of course, it’s not.

Two days ago, the American political system selected Donald Trump to be our next president. To me, that means that we have chosen someone to represent us who…well, who doesn’t represent us. Not me, at least. He is, quite simply, NOT an advocate for what I see needing to happen in the world, and what I see myself trying to do.

I’m scared, sad, hurt, and confused, and I know I’m not alone. So, what now?

Perhaps for a moment we can sidestep the shock, and focus on what feeds us. A little sanctuary can work wonders; while our brains are fried and emotions frazzled, we can take a moment to re-energize. A little break to restore a sense of accountability and empowerment where we are most directly in charge, and then a movement back out, able again to give back to the world around us.

It’s impossible to avoid being affected by the divisive and poisonous words that have been said during this election season, and by the actions they may allow. At this moment, we can’t — and in fact MUSTN’T — ignore what is happening around us, but we can choose to do something different at home. We may have to do a significant amount of getting-through over the next several years. But we are not powerless.

I believe that the small actions we take — the ways we live our lives when no one’s watching — do more to fix what’s broken than almost anything else. How we raise our kids, treat our elders, and connect to our places. I’ve been told that it’s these things that will heal the earth: if we restore right relationships with ourselves, each other, the more-than-human species, and the earth, Mother Earth won’t need to be saved, but will take care of herself.

It’s more important than ever to see this work through. To engage in the systems that we have access to. To utilize our various privileges to create positive change. There are real connections between the “lifestyle” choices we make and the environmental, social, and spiritual consequences.

The choices that we make can help restore, reinforce, reconnect, reanimate, resuscitate, and reclaim. The world needs to be brought back into balance, and I for one intend to continue to be part of the healing work that is so needed right now.