Fall leaf cleanup to-do’s

The leaves are falling, the leaves are falling! And if you're like many Portlanders, you're either frantically trying to get them gone...or at least thinking really hard about when you're going to. When will the magic combination of "free" time and decent weather line up so you can get at it?   When it

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Loving your garden!

Happy V-Day, everyone! While we would highly encourage you to take a nice romantic walk with someone special in your garden (and/or whatever else floats your boat) today, we want to help shift the focus of your loving energies. To that end, here are a few love-themed tips and tricks for displaying your affection for your

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The more things change…

The more things stay the same. You know how that one goes. But it boggles my mind that we can be nearly 3000 miles away from home and yet be scheduling  consultations, making cultivation recommendations, updating our website, and having similar sorts of interactions (albeit with different people and in different types of homes and

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Gardens knit us together

I am not a travel writer, or a food writer. Despite a few attempts at academic writing, that hasn’t really done it for me either. I’m a navel-gazer. And what I see when I gaze into my navel these days (which rests atop a very satisfied belly) is the hub of a unique web. Relationship-wise,

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What we’re seeing along the way

This is a quick post, spreading the word that we've created a Picasa album for our on-the-road photos. These aren't even an eighth of the pictures we've taken, but I wanted to make sure to share the visual representation of what we're doing. There are quite a few different gardens, adorable people (some in Chicken

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