Why we signed the Oregon Business Climate Declaration

We joined other Oregon businesses in signing the Oregon Business Climate Declaration in order to inspire the public, policymakers, and other business leaders to seize the social and economic opportunities presented by tackling climate change. Businesses like ours are supporting households, organizations, and political entities at all levels to take action on climate change; we believe

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2014 Fundraiser for Zenger Farm’s Urban Grange

Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 23 from 5-8 pm! Independence Gardens is proud to be sponsoring our second fundraiser for Zenger Farm's new Urban Grange! Why is Independence Gardens sponsoring a fundraiser for this project? First, we believe that it is important for our business to support the non-profit organizations in our community that

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‘Tis the season…for preparedness!

I was alerted recently to the fact that I tend to use that phrase a little bit too often. Well...here's my excuse: 'tis always the season for something in the garden! On this, the first day of November, we're still in the midst of fall garden cleanup and winterizing. Yes⎯this means that if you haven’t

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Back to Portland…to put in fall gardens!

We are leaving the gorgeous Rocky Mountain National Park this morning (where the lovely visitor's center has wireless access!), finally heading for home. I didn't update from Atlanta, where we stayed the longest we've stayed anywhere on this trip, but it was a great piece of this journey. We went to the first-ever Georgia State

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Thinking back, moving forward

I am not going to write much tonight, because we're leaving tomorrow afternoon...and (but of course!) we're not all the way packed. I had a lovely breakfast date with my grandma this morning, though, and that started a train of thought that needs to keep on rollin'. So, Gram told me that when she was

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Our new website has arrived!

Well, hello. It is not quite time to migrate this blog-site over to replace the old website, but it is high time to introduce it.  Bit by bit, this dynamic site will become complete, and eventually it will replace the old static one. So, why are we doing something new, when we got so much

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Licensed, bonded, and insured as an LLC

The three words "licensed," "bonded," and "insured" are practically magic.  In combination, they mean greater security for a business and for its clients.  But they don't automatically come in combination; in the last few weeks, we have learned that lesson through experience! Independence Gardens is proud to announce that early this month, we left the

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Spring has (nearly) sprung

As the days lengthen and the very first plants of the season go into the ground, now is the time to move beyond imagining the spring garden possibilities and take action toward the best of them.  Around here, we've planted the first succession of peas and thoroughly frustrated our hens by setting up wire mesh

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Happy New Year from Independence Gardens!

We hope that your 2009 has started wonderfully, and that you will continue to check in on us as our first full calendar year progresses.  As we keep you in the loop, we ask that you do the same--whether or not we have done a project with you, we'd like to hear how you are

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