Gardening remotely

It may be obvious by now, but we're going to be running our business remotely during the next month. We won't be able to schedule any consultations until the second week in September, and we won't personally be here to do work for almost a month. That doesn't mean that work will cease, though (thank

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Getting in shape to get on the road

This week is our week to get in shape to road trip! And by get in shape I mean...well, I guess I mean do as much activity as we can before we sit on our behinds in our vehicle for a month straight... So, how are we making this happen? First of all,

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Independence Gardens on the move

Independence Gardens is goin' for a ride! Starting August 15, we are driving our Independence Gardens-mobile (shown below at Multnomah Falls) across the country. This trip is like the trip we took six years ago, when we first met...but different. This time we have a larger agenda than getting to know each other while whisking

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What to plant in summer for fall and winter harvest

With the weather the way it's been this summer, who knows what's on the horizon for the rest of the season? But no matter what the weather holds, you can make the best of it to grow your own food. Here's how. 1. Choose the right plants. Here is a shortlist of what it is

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Where does winter squash grow?

I (Karen) received a picture message on the iPhone a few days ago, the attachment to which looked like this: The message itself said: "Hey sis! So these are our winter squash- how do we know when they're ready? Thanks!" I replied, tongue-in-cheek: "Well...first of all, they make squashes... :)" Then I felt kind of bad, so I

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Summer gardening classes

As I (Karen--it's usually me writing these bloggy-things) sit here at my parents' house, my folks are getting all fancied up in nice suits and heading out to teach classes for their respective businesses. It makes me wish that I was headed out to teach, too! It's good to know that I will be soon--but when,

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Why build a raised bed?

The title of this blog entry is one of the questions we are asked most often in classes and on consultations. And we do love to hear it! The first part of our response is usually this: "well, you certainly don't have to." It is absolutely possible to grow a great garden at ground level.

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Events during Earth Week

Earth Day--and Week, for those who like to extend the celebration--is a chance to focus on the overwhelming fact that we are all connected by and to the earth. It's also an invitation to do something to contribute positively to the health and well-being of the planet and each other. Like...oh, just for example...plant some

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What to do in spring in your organic garden

As you’ve probably noticed, it’s getting to be time for some serious spring garden work!  Here at Independence Gardens, we’ve been loving the sunny days and taking as much advantage of the longer working hours as possible. Here’s a shortlist of garden tasks you may already be engaged in…or, like many of us, may have

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Current Portland gardening events

Upcoming classes This weekend, we are offering classes on Soil and Amendments and Effective Composting. Please register now to join us there! Garden books and more garden books Our Garden Reading Group has begun meeting Tuesdays at 4 pm at Ladybug Organic Cafe in St. Johns. Put in your requests for the next few readings

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