Grow nutrient powerhouses through the winter

At a recent event, we handed out "sprout cards," attached to which was a mixture of seeds (radish, alfalfa, and red clover) that can be grown through the winter indoors as a tasty and incredibly nutritious addition to our diets. These cards were more symbolic than anything else, but we wanted to make sure that

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Winter garden care

Here in Portland, we’re experiencing a gloriously sunny and warm late-September. Those green tomatoes that’ve been hanging out on the vine waiting for the right weather to ripen have a fighting chance to turn colors...just as the trees’ leaves are about to do the same. At this point in the year, area gardeners still have

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Upcoming fall gardening classes

Well, we're back in business (so to speak--we never actually stopped being in business!). Because of the weather here while we were gone, we managed not to miss out on too much harvest excitement... Along with everyone else's, our tomatoes are just starting to ripen. We had a great time this weekend with

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Back to Portland…to put in fall gardens!

We are leaving the gorgeous Rocky Mountain National Park this morning (where the lovely visitor's center has wireless access!), finally heading for home. I didn't update from Atlanta, where we stayed the longest we've stayed anywhere on this trip, but it was a great piece of this journey. We went to the first-ever Georgia State

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The more things change…

The more things stay the same. You know how that one goes. But it boggles my mind that we can be nearly 3000 miles away from home and yet be scheduling  consultations, making cultivation recommendations, updating our website, and having similar sorts of interactions (albeit with different people and in different types of homes and

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Gardens knit us together

I am not a travel writer, or a food writer. Despite a few attempts at academic writing, that hasn’t really done it for me either. I’m a navel-gazer. And what I see when I gaze into my navel these days (which rests atop a very satisfied belly) is the hub of a unique web. Relationship-wise,

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What we’re seeing along the way

This is a quick post, spreading the word that we've created a Picasa album for our on-the-road photos. These aren't even an eighth of the pictures we've taken, but I wanted to make sure to share the visual representation of what we're doing. There are quite a few different gardens, adorable people (some in Chicken

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On the road…and how!

Now that we’re on the road, I am finding it challenging to synthesize many en-route experiences--some of which I would readily share if it were just me blogging as an individual--into writing fit for public consumption. Something I am proud to associate with our business and which I feel is consistent with and representative of

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Thinking back, moving forward

I am not going to write much tonight, because we're leaving tomorrow afternoon...and (but of course!) we're not all the way packed. I had a lovely breakfast date with my grandma this morning, though, and that started a train of thought that needs to keep on rollin'. So, Gram told me that when she was

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Make Your Own Herbal Salve

We did this with our campers at Buckman today, and it was a lot of fun. So I am posting the info from the handout I made for them to take home. Here 'tis! Some of the many commonly available plants that are good to use in salve include: Each of these plants

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