We are leaving the gorgeous Rocky Mountain National Park this morning (where the lovely visitor’s center has wireless access!), finally heading for home.

I didn’t update from Atlanta, where we stayed the longest we’ve stayed anywhere on this trip, but it was a great piece of this journey. We went to the first-ever Georgia State University football game, visited the Aquarium, and toured a community garden and looked for gardening books at the Decatur Book Festival.

Before Atlanta, we did a quick and varied North Carolina leg: we went from off-base military housing at Jacksonville through a Catholic Worker house in Siler City to stay with friends in the college town of Boone. Beautiful country, from the coast to the mountains!

Along the way, it’s been fun to see which landmarks people show us, and which stories they tell. It shows us what’s important to them about where they live, and it makes us appreciate what we find important about ours.

Well–we’d better be on the road. We have about 1200 miles to drive today. And when we get back, it’s right back to work: gardening classes at the Urban Farm Store start on Monday! We’ll see you there.