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The sharpest tools in the shed

This Saturday (3/12) from 10 am-12 pm, we're very pleased to be leading a garden tool-sharpening work party at Livingscape Nursery. As a precursor to the event, I thought I'd post a few (well, it's a few more than a few...but skim for what you need) tool care tips. So here they are: Purchasing We

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Worm bin harvesting tips & tricks

Vermicomposting is HOT! And I don’t mean temperature-wise: in fact, my most recent harvesting experience (which I’m about to share with you, step by step) was a rather chilly one, considering the fact that I was doing the job in the garage during recent snowy weather... In any case, using red wriggler worms to turn

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Permaculture in YOUR garden (and life!)

On Tuesday, for the first time, we taught a class called "Permaculture in YOUR Garden (and Life!)." It was a small but mighty class, and a whirlwind: condensing information from the 72-hour certification course into a 1.5-hour 101 was a challenge, to say the least. And since it's clear that the material we present and

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Taking action on food policy in Multnomah Co.

In Multnomah County, citizens working to promote healthy, local food have a new set of tools at their disposal. The release of the Multnomah Food Action Plan was celebrated on Thursday by Multnomah County Commissioners and staff, food-focused organizations, and other community members, ourselves happily included. For our part, we signed on to the Declaration

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Sustainable business policy

I (Karen, but of course) am thrilled to be participating in my first VOIS Board meeting this afternoon...as a Board member! The VOIS Alliance (Voice for Oregon Innovation and Sustainability) is an exciting new organization that brings sustainable Oregon businesses together to make sure that state and local-level policies make it the natural choice to

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Native plants in the edible garden

The most basic question when it comes to edible gardening is this: What is an edible garden? Our generic answer is a little too simple: A garden with edible plants, of course! But there’s another key question lurking behind the surface of the first: Edible...for whom? Our answer to that takes us deep into garden

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Choose to use sustainable garden tools

This past Saturday, we were delighted to collaborate with Barbara from the One Stop Sustainability Shop and Glenda from Tomboy Tools to host a sustainable garden tool party. What, you wonder, is a sustainable garden tool? Based on our conversation during the gathering, I can offer the following suggestions for the elements of

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Food & gardening orgs in 2010 WW GiveGuide

We like the Willamette Week Give Guide. Lots of the food & gardening-related organizations we work with, refer to, and greatly appreciate are represented in this year's guide, and we like to make sure they're supported by the community--ourselves included! Here's a shortlist of food and garden-related non-profits in the Guide, organized by the category

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Music in & around the garden

I was flipping through radio stations the other evening and bumped into the 8 @ 8 on 94/7.  The theme was "In and Around the Garden," so I listened! And I thought I'd share. I'm not 100% sure about the selection process, but here's the list of songs they played, and a choice lyric or

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Why Chicken Shi(r)t?

It's been a long time coming, and now the time has come: a post about the meaning of the Chicken Shirt! OK, I don't want to get your hopes up--at least too far up--because what I'm about to provide is merely one suggested interpretation. Yes, it's the creator's interpretation, which might seem to

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