Upcoming classes

This weekend, we are offering classes on Soil and Amendments and Effective Composting. Please register now to join us there!

Garden books and more garden books

Our Garden Reading Group has begun meeting Tuesdays at 4 pm at Ladybug Organic Cafe in St. Johns. Put in your requests for the next few readings by e-mailing us at Karen@IndependenceGardensPDX.com.

Also, the publisher of Mother Earth News is offering some deals on interesting garden planning resources. Check ’em out here.

And in other news

Also, wanted to update about the Chicken Shirts: Linnton Feed & Seed’s sign now reflects the fact that we have onesies and toddler tee “Chicken Squirts” available there.

This sign, by the way, is on Highway 30! It is a source of endless amusement for us. We absolutely love it.

Chicken Shirts are also available at Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply, and there are Shirt and Squirt demo models out at Wichita Hardware. Check ’em out!

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